Round the World

June 21, 2014 to April 17, 2015 I traveled around the world.

In 300 days I went to 20 countries. I learned the conversion rates of 20 different currencies, picked up a few words in 12 different languages, navigated the transportation routes of more planes, trains and automobiles than I could possibly count, and met the most incredible people from far and wide. It was the year of a lifetime.

I started blogging about my trip from the early planning stages all the way through returning. I knew I wanted to document as much as possible – for myself to look back at when it was over, for friends and family who may be curious where I was along the way, and for anyone else who may have questions about anywhere I happened to visit.

This Round the World section has a drop-down menu with links to all the posts from my trip: my original itinerary, the planning process, every country I went to, and the recaps and reflections of returning home. Please, take a look around. To see what I’m up to next, check out my Round the Central America section.

Preparing to Go
South America


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