San Francisco Bucket List

I moved to San Francisco almost three years ago and have loved every minute of living here. Leaving is going to be very hard, so instead of focusing on the sadness of saying bye I decided to celebrate my time in the city before I go by making a bucket list.

I’ve always enjoyed discovering as much as possible about where I live, whether new restaurants and bars or quirky lesser known places to explore. While I did this to a degree in NYC, I did this tenfold when I moved to SF. My enthusiasm for the city and all it has to offer made it incredibly hard to even narrow everything I want to do down to a bucket list – I could’ve filled a whole spreadsheet with just a list of restaurants if I really let myself go crazy with it. But I showed some restraint and was able to narrow it down to a hit list that I think I can accomplish before I go (although I’ve been told this is still a very long list). The main rule was no repeats; if I’ve been before, it doesn’t make the cut. Then it was about trying to spread out neighborhoods and types of activities.

The Bucket List

Part of the Bucket List

What was really fun for me, before even going on any bucket list adventures, was blasting out my bucket list to my friends on social media and seeing the response – next to each activity I put a “Who wants to come?!” column that people have been filling in. It’s pretty awesome to have so many people want to join me for these events. Now, each time I think I might be able to do something, I email the people who signed up and we try to coordinate a date.

To keep track of everything I’m doing, I hashtag it all on Instagram and Twitter with #brodgesbucketlist

Some of these posts have two hashtags: #brodgesbucketlist #unofficialversion These are for the activities or places that didn’t make the final cut for the spreadsheet, but are on my secret mental list. They’re things I want to do but had to sacrifice since the list would be unmanageable if they were all on there.

In all honesty, I plan to return to San Francisco. I realize that complicates the fact that I have a bucket list when I think I’ll be back here in the end, but for me it’s just a fun way to say goodbye for a while and finally do these things I’ve wanted to do for so long.

I’ll post some of these adventures in my Bucket List section (under Preparing to Go). They’re part of this journey too. Just like I have to say bye to friends and family, I have to say bye to my city for a while too.


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