Making progress on the SF Bucket List

I figure it’s about time I post an update about my progress on my San Francisco Bucket List.

I think I’ve done pretty well so far! Thanks to some awesome companions I have been regularly checking off bucket list items since I first sent it out to friends less than 2 months ago. I’ve seen a variety of shows at a variety of venues, eaten wings from Hayes Valley to the Richmond, played at the Exploratorium and the Seward Street Slides, and tasted my fair share of cocktails everywhere from new bars in the TL to Anchor Steam’s IPA Release Party (thank you Bold Italic for that one!).

Each of these activities could take a whole post, but thanks to social media and my tagging them with #brodgesbucketlist it’s pretty easy to find them all through my personal instagram (the one connected with my blog won’t start until the trip starts). So instead I will post highlights here of some exceptionally awesome places to play in SF.

I’ll start with where my bucket list started. The first adventure.

The first bucket list adventure I went on happened to also be a friend’s last week in SF. She was up for anything before she took off, so we borrowed a car and went down to the Castro. Unsure what we were about to get into, we grabbed our cardboard and gloves and approached the Seward Street Slides.

(Why gloves you ask? If you’ve ever slid down a concrete slide before you will know how destroyed your hands can get holding onto your cardboard around turns, bumping into harsh concrete. I had the unfortunate experience of ripping up my hands on a different concrete slide during softball season last year. I was prepared this time.)

The Seward Street Slides were constructed over 30 years ago in the hills above the Castro. After the neighborhood successfully saved the park from development, they held a “Design the Park” competition. 14-year-old Kim Clark won with a design for curving concrete slides, based on a slide that used to be at Playland Amusement Park at Ocean Beach. (more at Curbed SF). This is what you see today.

Intrigued, we climbed the stairs, skeptically eyeing the slides next to us. Since there are two slides next to each other, we decided to go together. We bravely inched our way along the slide on our pieces of cardboard. We did not know what we were getting into.

These slides are FAST. They start innocently enough, then all hell breaks loose as they shoot you down a steep incline and around a sharp curve before spitting you out a longer than it should be drop to the ground. There is no way to land gracefully. We laughed a lot at how ridiculous the ride was and our astonishment that these are there for kids to play on. While my friend refused to go again, I was determined to document this crazy, random, slightly dangerous San Francisco oddity.

So I went again while she recorded it. At the risk of complete embarrassment, here is the video of my second ride. Just know that this was not the worst landing we saw that day.


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