A Wish List

With my birthday less than a month away, a few friends have unnecessarily and incredibly nicely asked me to write a wish list of things I want for my trip. We stopped doing friend gifts a while ago, opting for celebration dinners or even just a text if we’re not near each other, so their justification was that it’s the only tangible gift I’ll get for past and future birthdays.

I figured that a wish list could be helpful for anyone really to see some things that I’m hoping to bring with me. It’s easy to start thinking about packing with the essentials – what you’ll bring everything in (I chose backpack), how many items of clothing, the necessary medical kit – but then there are additional things that make it on some lists but not on others. Some people swear off accessories like alarm clocks, while others stress the need for such a device. Personally, I won’t be using a smartphone for an alarm clock and have a few early flights, so I think this would be helpful for me.

So here are a few additional things in a range of categories that I’m considering bringing with me:

  • GoPro camera
  • GoPro mounts: Head Strap + QuickClip and Wrist Housing
  • Guidebooks: Lonely Planet or Rough Guides guidebooks. (I’m still debating which of these companies I prefer and need to spend some more time in bookstores comparing them. I’ve been a LP fan for a long time so I tend to default to them, but after a brief comparison the other day I’m leaning toward Rough Guide to South America on a Budget to start with, then LP for Australia and NZ. Either could work in the other countries. Even though I know I can find a lot of information on the internet, I still want to use guidebooks for each country/region.)
  • 1L water bottle
  • And on that note, water purification system (I’m thinking tablets)
  • Travel Sentry lock (for hostel lockers)
  • Multiple port charger
  • Travel adapter (for outlets)
  • This portable washing bag thing looks kinda awesome: http://thescrubba.com/
  • And maybe a portable clothes line to go with it?
  • Small travel umbrella
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Leatherman
  • Packable rain jacket/shell (I’m thinking Outdoor Research, Marmot or Patagonia. Something that folds up into its pocket or very small at least, but still is good in terms of water protection.)
  • Laptop (most likely a netbook, mainly for blogging, emailing and skyping)



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