Getting Back into Planning

April sort of got away from me. Between playing host to visitors, bucket list and catch up dinners, and a weekend trip to wine country, I feel like I haven’t done anything productive toward my departure for a while.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a ton of fun during this planning hiatus. Many many bucket list activities were checked off and I spent time with some of my favorite people in the world, family and friends. I don’t regret it at all.

But April is almost over and it’s time to get back to it. I’m at the 6 and a half week mark until my flight to Brazil, and I was feeling a little stressed that I wasn’t close enough to being ready to go. So I scheduled in some planning time to do things like post furniture to Craigslist, start clearing off my bookshelf, and read more of my next how to plan a RTW trip guide. It was while reading this guide by Rough Guides that I came across their incredibly useful “Departure Checklist.”

Starting from what to do at 6 months out and counting down until the day before you leave, I discovered it perhaps a little later than I should have. I took a deep breath and read on, hoping I was at least somewhere near where I should be according to them.

Rough Guides' Departure Checklist

Rough Guides’ Departure Checklist

I am happy to say I am right on track. With just under 2 months to go, I have checked off everything I was supposed to by this point at pretty much the exact intervals they suggest. I am now in the middle of all the doctor/travel clinic/dentist appointments, and have figured out strategies for all my visas. Everything that is left to do is in the one month or less categories, and it is all things that I was planning to do either in the next two weeks or in the three weeks I have on the east coast with all the time in the world to go get the rest of my gear (I had the great realization that I won’t have to go to work anymore; so much more free time!).

So thank you Rough Guides for making me feel better. And thank you me for planning just like a guidebook. I am feeling better but there is still much to be done. There is also still a lot to be said, so hopefully this marks my return to blogging. Stay tuned for some decisions on what to bring, more bucket list fun, and general reflections as I approach my departure. 


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