Travel Insurance

I finally got travel insurance… only a month behind schedule. Luckily it starts immediately so I was only uninsured for 2 days (my medical insurance through work stopped at the end of May, whoops).

A while ago I decided to go with World Nomads. They’re highly recommended by all the travel sites I’ve been using and gave me the kind of everything-is-covered insurance that I was hoping for.

I wanted one plan that would offer trip protection and medical insurance, and this one does just that. It covers everything from trip cancellation to hospital visits to emergency evacuation (which is the one thing my nurse at the travel clinic told me I HAD TO GET). Plus with World Nomads I can extend my coverage on the road, so I can get 10 months up front but if I end up traveling for another 6 months I can extend it when I decide that.

So why the hesitation to buy?

World Nomads has two levels of protection – standard and explorer. Standard is definitely the more cost conscious decision. For most normal trips I probably would have gone with standard immediately and been done a long time ago. But this isn’t really a normal trip. Looking further into what activities are covered, things I want to do like skydiving and scuba diving are only covered under the explorer level. Even car rental is covered in explorer, which is maybe not a plan now but who knows if I’ll want to rent a van and drive around New Zealand for a few weeks. Plus it has elevated coverage for other expenses like hospital stays and evacuation.

I was having a hard time though spending an extra ~$300 for things I’m not sure I’ll need covered. So I called my dad (who works in insurance). Now you’re probably thinking of course a parent who works in insurance is going to tell you to go with the higher coverage, and you’re right. He had a lot of valid points on why I should chose the explorer level, points you could probably guess, but there was one thing that he said that really resonated with me:

Do you want to be about to do something and have to say “wait, I have to check to make sure it’s covered in my insurance”? In the grand scheme of things, an extra $300 to give you peace of mind to do everything you want to do is not that much. Like you said, you want to do whatever you can in this trip – if you go with the explorer you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you’re covered, and you can just do what you want when it comes up.

He was right. This is a trip that I want to be able to say yes to absolutely any and everything that comes my way. For a few hundred dollars more, I can do a lot more and not have to worry about it. And that’s why I worked the extra months past hitting my budget goal anyway, so I would feel ok spending this money up front.

So I went with World Nomads explorer level.

Now lets hope I never have to actually use this insurance.


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