Where to begin? My 12 days so far in Rio de Janeiro have been a complete mixture of everything. Most of the trip has alternated between tourist days and World Cup days, with some of those “tourist days” being beach days to recover from the World Cup days.

I have enjoyed Rio as much as everyone said I would. It could be the fact that the beaches and mountains really are like the pictures and movies make them look. Or the fact that the nightlife never stops and most often is on the street in a flurry of energy consisting of people, music and more cheap beer and caipirinhas than you could drink in a month (which doesn’t stop anyone from trying). Or maybe it’s the eclectic make-up of the city – you can be on the top of a mountain or in a bustling downtown market, or walking along a peaceful lake or climbing up vibrantly-colored stairs in the middle of a windy neighborhood.

Take your pick, Rio has a lot to offer.

It also has some of the kindest people who, despite many of them being unhappy about the World Cup taking place here, are still hoping that we’re having the best time visiting their city. The impression that I’ve gotten is that everyone who lives here loves it, and they want to know if we love it and would want to live here too.

I can’t say I would mind sticking around Rio for a little while… Although it’s not possible on this trip, I hope I’ll find myself back here one day.

So I have a lot to post about, but I’ll try to condense it to a few. Maybe summarize the tourist days together and keep the World Cup posts to themselves. But just know that you should all come to Rio, and there will be plenty of people and adventures here to welcome you.


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  1. sounds amazing – i’m dying to come to Rio! i hope you can make it back as well, or better yet, we can make it back together!

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