One Day I Will Have a Lake House

Life on the Amazon is lived on boats. We took a boat to get everywhere, to fish, and even just to jump off of in the middle of the river for a refreshing swim. Everyone who took us out was so skilled at navigating through the water using motors and paddles. I had forgotten how much I like being on boats like this. Not big cruise ship boats or high powered speedboats, but small motorboats.

My grandfather in Austria lived on a lake, the Woerthersee. When we used to visit every summer, we would spend a lot of our time reading on the dock or cooling off in the clear water (so much clearer than the Amazon, where I couldn’t even see my own feet let alone anything else that was in there with me).

He had a rowboat and a small motorboat. Taking the motorboat out around the lake was always something I enjoyed. We didn’t usually dock anywhere and I never did fish there, but just being out on the water was all I needed. I didn’t even realize I missed this until I spent 6 days using boats as my main form of transportation. Maybe this is why I always liked Venice so much.

So one day, when I finally decided to calm down on traveling for a bit (which is looking further and further away the longer I do this), I hope to have a house on a lake with a dock to jump off of and a small motorboat to wander around in.


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