This Life I Chose

A friend recently visited me on this journey and, in his habit of asking the questions that really make me think about what I’m doing, he asked when the moment was that it really hit me that this is my life. I hesitated at first, unsure of whether or not I’d really had that moment. I felt like it just crept up on me, that what started as a vacation feeling transitioned into a life feeling without me really noticing it.

But that’s not entirely accurate. It happened in the Amazon. Yes I know I keep talking about the Amazon, but that week meant a lot to me. And this is part of the reason why.

That week in the Amazon marked a month since I left home and two months since I left work. Those are big changes and a decent amount of time for them to sink in. I wasn’t in a big city around a bunch of friends and I wasn’t so fresh into traveling that it all still felt like vacation. I was actually out in the middle of South America experiencing something I had previously only dreamed of, something that was a big part of this trip idea.

And I loved it. I was undeniably happy. Every day was that adventure I was hoping it would be. And at that point my life became my trip.

From then on I’ve only felt more sure that this is right, that this is what I should be doing. I have finally left the daily concerns of life before behind and my entire focus is on now or the now coming up; flights, bus schedules, hostels, activities, and locations.

I’m over halfway through South America: 7 and a half weeks down, 6 and a half weeks to go. It’s hard to imagine how I’ll fit everything I still want to do into this timeframe, and even harder to imagine the following 6 months in Australasia and Asia, but at least I can be sure that I will figure it all out when the time comes. And that every day I will continue to enjoy this life I’ve embarked on more than I could hope to describe in a post.


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