Thoughts from Copacabana

August 22, 2014. Watching the sun set over Lake Titicaca from on top of Cerro Calvario.

“Nature. That’s really it. The moments that I’ve felt the most relaxed, happiest I’m doing this, and amazed at the world have all been when I was surrounded by pure, amazing, beautiful nature.

I love cities, don’t get me wrong. I did study architecture. I can be wowed by buildings, towers, skylines, and infrastructure too, and I’ve enjoyed seeing these around South America. But this trip has been different in what I’m prioritizing and enjoying most.

How many times have I sought out a spot to watch the sunset? It was an activity that I made sure I did every time I used to visit LA – watch sunset on the beach – but I didn’t realize it would be such a priority all over the world.

I bent over backward figuring out how to get to the Salt Flats, adding and deleting cities only so that I could get there. Cities became expendable.

Nature. From humid beaches in Colombia to the highest lake in the world in Bolivia, nature never fails to impress. And it’s during these moments, staring at the landscape, when I truly feel at peace.”


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