Thoughts from Wellington

October 22, 2014. “As I walked to my 7:50 am bus through the Wellington bus and train stations I passed hordes of commuters on their way to work. A familiar feeling rose up inside me of the morning grind – oddly more related to NYC, probably because of the subway tunnel and train station, but work commuting nonetheless. This used to be me every weekday. This was my life. I was one of you.

Used to. Was. This is when the camaraderie faded away and I became a foreigner. Walking past all the people in their suits with their briefcases, I was in hiking shoes carrying a backpack on my way to a bus to Rotorua. I was like them but I’m not anymore. I left that life and became the traveler, no more a member of the daily grind.

I smiled. Maybe one day I would rejoin the ranks but for now I’m off adventuring, with no obligations, no schedules, no suits. I broke free and took control of my life. This is my time. And what do I want to do with my time today? Go chill in some hot springs. Sounds a lot better than sitting in an office right?”


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