Thoughts from Amanoi

December 5, 2014. “My last morning in Amanoi I climbed out on the rocks in our backyard. I ate my apple listening to “Steady Rolling” by Two Gallants –

Out waltzin’ with the Holy Ghost,
from the Bowery to the Barbary Coast.
The land I’m from you know I love the most.
Steady rollin’, I keep goin’.

And everyday is just another town.
The more I search you know the less I’ve found.
Me, I’m a sucker, just a slave to sound.
Death’s comin’, I’m still runnin’.

– I stared out at the sea, the mountains, the trees, the rocks, as a light mist blew across me. I turned around – there was a huge full rainbow over the trees at the intersection of dark rain clouds over the land and thin clouds over the ocean that were starting to let the sun shine through. I smiled. I breathed. I’m moving forward from here. The last leg of this journey is about to begin and it will affect me in ways I don’t even know yet, but if this is the universe’s way of telling me that the sun is coming out for me then I’m not just ready to face it, I’m excited to face it. As Two Gallants came to an end so did the rainbow, fading away from the sky, like it was meant just for me. It only exists in my memory and what it signaled to me. I stepped off the rock ready for the day, but more importantly, ready for the next part.”


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