1,000 Miles

The rest of our time in Khao Lak was just spent hanging out. We enjoyed an afternoon at the beach and played “name the US State” (a game started by the Germans). We had Christmas dinner overlooking the water at a table on the sand, and had the best spiciest red curry at our hostel, where I’ve so far had the best food in Thailand. Pascal and I rushed to the beach our last night in an attempt to catch sunset. The sun was down but the sky was still pretty so we had some beers on the beach and just enjoyed the waning light. We ended every night with multiple games of pool and the occasional foosball game or jenga. I discovered I’m actually getting pretty good at pool; I also discovered I’m not nearly as good at foosball as I thought and have a long way to go till I can beat Pascal.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, even though I only met Pascal and Chris on this trip it felt like I’d known them much longer.

We recapped to someone how long we’d known each other and sort of stumbled over the facts. Was it really just 10 days in Australia? That didn’t seem right. It didn’t matter how long or how short we’d technically known each other, the point was that here we were in Thailand and we had followed through on our plan to see each other again. I had jumped up so excited to see them when they arrived in Khao Lak and my sadness equalled my excitement when I had to say goodbye.

I’m not kidding that I’m so happy I got my tattoo with these guys. It will always remind me of them and that’s a great thing. Habibi, Byron Bay, Khao Sok and Khao Lak, these were great moments in my trip that were made great because Pascal and Chris were there too.

They live in Germany. I do not. This is a sad fact that means I don’t know if or when I’ll ever see them again. I have mentioned a potential visit to Germany, plus there’s the Travel Abrodge Burning Man camp in 2016, but even without the certainty of future visits, I sincerely hope we keep in touch like we have so far.

But there is still that Germany possibility. So guys, I may have to walk 500 miles, and I may walk 500 more, just to be the wandering traveler who walked 1,000 miles to show up at your door.

Love you both.



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