Beyond Excited for a Familiar Face from Home: My Sister!

It was December 28th and I was enjoying a comfortable bed, air conditioning and the news on a flat screen tv. I took a nice long warm shower. I unpacked some things. I relaxed. I waited.

Today was the day my sister arrived!

I was anxious for her to get there already. I’d been anticipating this moment for months, and was made only more excited when a week before she came she got engaged. Now I wanted to give her a huge hug and spend the next three weeks together catching up and hanging out as only sisters can.

Then I refocused on the news and panicked. A plane was missing in Indonesia. Even though I knew she wasn’t in that area, seeing the fact that a plane had flat out disappeared on the day that my sister was flying in to see me filled me with terror. What if it had been her? It wasn’t, she’s fine. But did I know anyone else flying in that region? With a new travel network that extends across the world it’s more likely now than ever that I may know someone involved in such a tragedy. I did a mental scan of my conversations over the past 6 months until I felt sure that I didn’t know anyone on the plane.

I was still horrified at the news of the disappearance of yet another plane. I remembered the last bad flight news, when a plane was shot down in Eastern Europe. I got that news while I was on an Azul flight somewhere over the middle of Brazil. Flight accidents are always terrible, but when so much of you and your friends’ lives revolve around travel there’s a new immediacy to these sorts of things.

Someone knocked. My mind snapped back to the present and I ran full speed to open the door.

I barely let Kara get inside before giving her a big hug. The afternoon was a lesson in restraint for me. She had just flown thousands of miles over 36 hours to get here and I wanted to talk talk talk, but I had to acknowledge the jetlag and exhaustion that comes with such a trip.

We spent our first day at the hotel (a very generous Christmas gift from our parents, thank you!). We had plenty of time to explore Krabi, today I was just happy to see my sister. There was so much to talk about that it felt like we barely even got started by the time her jetlag won out. We had three weeks together though so there was plenty of time, we would cover it all soon enough.

For the next few posts – Krabi, Ko Phi Phi, Indonesia, and Singapore – there will be lots of “we’s.” Kara is one of the amazing, talented ones who runs her own company so she was able to take a while off to come roam around with me. Before diving in I just want to say thank you for coming Kara! You truly made these places fantastic and I’m so happy I was able to spend some time with you in this crazy year.


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