One Night in Kuta

Kuta is where Australians go for spring break. We’d heard this, and to generally avoid Kuta, but I was curious to see what it was all about. There’s got to be some reason that people flock there, right? It’s supposed to have an amazing beach and a fun nightlife, it can’t be all bad.

We landed in Bali at around 7:00 pm and Kuta is only 15 minutes from the airport, so we decided to do one night there before going to Ubud the next day. This was plenty of time.

We had our first Indonesian dinner and I tried the local “wine” Arrack. This firewater should not be called wine. I tried to soften it a little with some lemon and soda water but after finishing one of these straight up drinks I was already a little drunk. We wandered to the main strip of town and were stopped at the mention of two free drinks. Sky Garden, a very well-known club in the middle of Kuta, has a two free drink deal just for going in. How could we say no?

Level one was pick your mixer and your alcohol. I was actually able to get a whiskey coke! This floor was pretty dead though so we quickly finished our drinks and went upstairs. Level two was any choice of drinks on the board; all vodka. Kara got one and I gave away my free drink. I will not touch vodka. Plus I’d had that moonshine at dinner. This floor had much better music and a sizeable crowd so we ignored all the Aussies and danced our butts off for a few hours. Every time we tried to take a break they’d put on another classic. We made friends with the club photographer who told us a place we could watch the downstairs. We found one awesomely carefree big blonde guy who was showing everyone what fun meant and watched him tear it up on the dance floor for a while.

We went home feeling satisfied with our night out in Kuta. Yes it was Aussies dancing on bars and I could see the appeal if I was still 20, but I am not, so that was it for us. The next morning we had enough time to walk out to the beach. It was a huge beach that went for miles, but it was not nice. There were clean up crews picking up garbage and we couldn’t walk more than two feet without someone coming up to us, “Yes you want surf lesson.” No we do not. I didn’t want to go in that water. A walk down the beach and along both Poppies completed our tour of Kuta.

After accidentally getting trapped in town – would it kill them to put cross streets in? – we made it back to the hostel where our ride to Ubud was waiting. Kuta, I’m glad to have seen you, but I will not be coming back. I’ll leave that to the stereotypes who love it.

The one picture I took in Kuta

The one picture I took in Kuta


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  1. I can somehow relate to your post even if I have not been to Kuta myself. I used to be a travel agent and have sold numerous holiday packages to Bali like I have been there myself, when in fact – I was just reading some blogs and reviews about the place. Seminyak and Jimbaran are supposed to be much better. Kuta is for the cheap thrills. Ubud is stunning I heard, I’m looking forward to your post about it. 🙂

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