Gili Air

Gili Air is a peaceful little paradise in the middle of the ocean. There are no cars on the island; the only way to get around is walking, bicycling, or horse-drawn buggy. Seriously.

We walked up the east side of the island hoping to get out of town a little and find a bungalow on the beach. We quickly learned that on the beach was not going to be possible. The way most places worked was bungalows to the left of the street, and across the street a seating area facing the ocean.

We shopped around for a little while, looking at bungalow options and comparing prices, and then saw the Mercedes of Gili Air bungalows. The bungalow itself was so pretty, high ceiling, big nice new outdoor bathroom attached to it, huge bed with mosquito net and air conditioning, our own little porch out front. There was a nice pool just outside the bungalows. Across the street was ample seating facing the water in the form of lounge chairs and these awesome little platform seating table things, and a second level bamboo tree house above the bar. Kara was in love. I was almost there, but it was totally out of my price range. Then Kara had the epiphany: our family had given her some money for us for Christmas that we hadn’t used yet. This place was PERFECT for it! Thank you Eppichs! You have no idea how much we enjoyed staying at Bambu Cottages, and it’s all because of you. You made our trip.

We settled into our new home by immediately going in the pool, then evening cocktails by the water. Buy 2 get one free, how could we say no? While we enjoyed our cocktails I decided to sign up for a Discover Scuba Diving morning at the diving school literally next door. Again, thanks to you Eppichs.

The first night was just an indication of the relaxing time we would have on Gili Air. We had said two nights when we checked in but that quickly changed to three nights. It was just too gorgeous, too chill, too perfect to leave after such a short stay.

The first night we stayed out by our bungalows for dinner. The next day we went into town for lunch after I got back from scuba. We had some delicious Indonesian food – they love their double words, Olah Olah, Gado Gado, Urap Urap – and wandered the only two streets looking for shops. There weren’t really any. We had some gelato before going home and enjoying our new favorite drink, the Bintang Radler. Dinner by us again. The third day we spent the morning in the treehouse, hiding from the rain with breakfast (pancakes and hot chocolate yum!), before it cleared up in the afternoon and we explored the even calmer North beach. Lunch up there followed by an afternoon in the pool. We decided to go out our last night; dinner and a double feature movie on the beach at a restaurant in town.

First up was Frozen. I finally saw this damn movie. What is the big deal? I thought it was mediocre at best. They just don’t make Disney movies like they used to. Next up was 12 Years a Slave. Talk about a change of mood. It was a good movie, although very odd to watch in a beach setting, but I’m happy to have seen it.

We had the morning before our boat left to take us back to Bali. I woke up for sunrise. We were staying on the East coast so I was right to assume that the light would be beautiful with the sun rising over the Lombok mountains. I wrote some blog posts over my muesli and hot chocolate breakfast before Kara was up. It was a lovely morning, but it turned hot fast. For some reason Indonesia really liked to make it extremely hot in the days we were moving locations.

We made it to our boat and had to say goodbye to the island I had come to know and love. I want to go back one day, finish my scuba certification, relax and disconnect for a few more days. It was gorgeous and so laid back. I adored Gili Air.


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