How Did We Get Here?

We learned our lesson from the first boat ride and beelined to the top deck of the boat from Gili Air to Bali. We had a long way to go to get to Jimbaran Bay, our final location before the next day’s flight to Singapore.

Before we left Gili Air the internet had been pretty miserable so we booked something pretty quickly that was in the right price range. We assumed it was in Jimbaran Bay. We were wrong. The shuttle from the boat told us it would be an extra 50,000 rupiah a piece to get all the way to the hotel. Where the hell were we going?

When the shuttle pulled up to the hotel the driver was as stunned as we were. “Nice hotel.” He was more complimentary; we were just in shock. We had ended up in some slightly dated massive golf resort on a hill overlooking the ocean. Where was the beach? Where was a town? There was none of that. How did we end up here?

The initial feeling was anger, on my part. This was how we were going to spend our last day in Bali? I tried to go out on the balcony and saw some white birds start flying. Toward me. They were flying right at me. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING? It was like the birds in real life! I ran inside and slammed the sliding door shut. They gathered on the porch and tried to stare in. We shut the curtain. Creepy ass birds.

I showered, trying to calm down, make the most of this situation. We found a Disney movie on our TV. We had an early dinner by the pool. Were we the only people staying in this place? It sure seemed like it. We split a pizza, a chicken with french fries, and a bucket of Bintang Radlers. At least the Bintang Radlers were there to keep us company.

image (4)

We ended up laughing at the situation. Here we were, final night in Bali, and we were at some empty washed-up golf resort. Then it started to get dark out and people flocked to the pool. It was so weird. We went back to our room and watched E! News for the Golden Globes fashion report. It was an odd evening to say the least.

Our flight wasn’t until the next evening so we hung out by the pool, I blogged, Kara went for a quick swim. It was our final do nothing time before getting to Singapore, the last stop, and our return to a big city. We were happy when it was time to go. It was an odd way to end our time in Bali for sure, but at least it wasn’t stressful. On to Singapore.



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