Recent Travel Realizations

Dreamtime and Shambhala shared something important to me.

I’d been at other places like Dreamtime before but only stayed one night; I had to stick to the plan. Dreamtime was the first time I let myself ditch the plan and stay for three days. It still wasn’t enough. Shambhala I was supposed to go to for one day but felt that it was special enough to ditch the plan again, this time staying for six days.

I’ve never been more sure in this trip that I made the right decision than these extended stays. But I’m not satisfied yet.

These were good starts, moving towards a place I want to be now nearing the ending of this trip, but not quite all the way there yet. I still left Dreamtime to make it to Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang, and I still left Shambhala to make it to Myanmar. It was the most flexible I’d been but it wasn’t all the way flexible. Not yet.

I hope that I get there. When my plan ends in mid-March I want to achieve ultimate flexibility. Stay anywhere for as long as I feel, move on when something inside me tells me to move on. Dreamtime and Shambhala were fantastic starts and I feel like they affected me more than I can describe here. It’s up to me to reach this final goal. Ultimate freedom from myself, from my planning. I can do it. I will do it.


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