Vibing with a Place

Something that I’ve been thinking about lately, and in the right circumstances talking about, is the way a person connects with a place. I have moved quickly on my trip, a fact I don’t regret but am starting to alter, and in thinking about why that’s happened and why I feel okay doing so I realized it comes down to one thing: some people just vibe better with certain places than others.

I don’t want to tell anyone how to travel, where they should go or how long they should stay, because I don’t really like it when people do that to me. To each their own. Some people love Hanoi, stay there two weeks, but after 2 days I felt like it was enough. Hell I left Phnom Penh and Mandalay after just a day with no regrets. But other people hate Santiago or Bogota and I could’ve been at either of those for much longer. And Kalaw for two and half days or San Pedro de Atacama for three might be unthinkable to some but were the highlights of Myanmar and Chile for me.

Whatever the reasons may be some people and some places just connect. That’s what travel is about really, finding the places that speak to you. So no matter what guidebooks, blogs, or other travelers may tell you, I say go with your gut. If a place doesn’t work for you get the hell out. If you love it, stay as long as you feel the need to. This world has too many great options to explore to not keeping moving till you find your place.


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