Why Is It Cold in India?

I spent a day in New Delhi but you’d never know it from my camera. I took zero pictures. I blame it on the rain.

Yes it was raining in New Delhi. It was chilly and wet and the least motivating weather to do anything. It was the exact opposite of what I imagined India weather would be.

Most of our time in Delhi revolved around coming up with a plan for our quick two weeks in India. Just like the rest of my trip, we had arrived with nothing more than one night booked at a hostel and a general outline of things we wanted to see. And as will happen, that outline shuffled and changed as soon as we got into the specifics and talked to people in the hostel; what was my last destination became my first, Holi in the North instead of Mumbai took priority, and we cut Varanasi, a destination I had previously put at the top of my list but was too complicated and expensive to get to. Confident in our new plan we booked an overnight bus to Rishikesh and had the rest of the day to see Delhi.

We signed up for the hostel’s Old City tour at 2. We had one day there, we should see it right? But it was so cold, so rainy, so windy, and Kwaz and I hadn’t seen each other in almost 9 months. So we ditched the tour and found a cozy bar to call home while we caught up over beers and Indian food. To me it was the best way we could have spent our first day together. From what we’ve heard anyway, Delhi is just a big city filled with people not to be trusted. I don’t feel like we missed out on much. Plus it’s much easier to sleep on an overnight bus after drinking all afternoon.


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