2016 Year of Possibility

This morning I received a reminder about a status I posted on this day 2 years ago:

It’s official: 2014 Year of Travel. Thanks everyone who talked me through the past few weeks and helped me decide what to do next year. Stay tuned for the itinerary…

Two years ago I made one of the most important decisions of my life when I said no to an incredible job opportunity and gave five months notice that I would be leaving my current position to follow my dream of traveling the world. Looking back on it now, I can’t imagine what my life would have been like had I chosen the other path. Not having been where I’ve been, seen what I’ve seen, met who I’ve met, and lived how I’ve lived in the past two years. I would not be who I am today.

Two years later I find myself in a strangely parallel place, but this time I have chosen the other path. When faced with the decision to continue traveling or put down some roots I have opted for stability – a house, a job, a life in one place. For the first time in a long time I can answer the question “where do you live?” with “here.”

Contrary to popular belief, I am not freaked out. I have lived nomadically long enough. It’s because of the past two years that I felt ready to make this decision. Do you know how nice it is to not pack up my backpack every other day? To sleep in and watch movies all day because I don’t have to rush around to see and do everything? To have a favorite lunch spot, cocktail spot, or walk? To have people around who aren’t going anywhere, who I don’t have to say goodbye to but instead see you tomorrow?

Everyone loves to post end of the year recaps. 2015 was quite a year – I started it in Thailand and am ending it in Guatemala, not to mention everywhere I went in between – but this isn’t about a recap for me. I’m more focused on what is about to come in 2016. I am making a life somewhere I never predicted I would live. Whether that life lasts a month or a year I have no idea. Maybe that is part of why staying here feels so different. Living in New York and San Francisco I always knew I would leave to travel; I had an expiration date of sorts. Living here, I know nothing about an end. Sure I have ideas about what could happen when I leave here, travel dreams and stability dreams, but nothing that I am so committed to like I was before. It’s flexible stability. It’s go with the flow. It’s live for today. It’s my traveler mindset in a home.

2014 year of travel. 2015 year of continued wanderlust. 2016 year of possibility. Possibility for a calmer type of life, for a deeper connection, and for absolutely anything whenever I feel ready to move on. It should be an interesting year.


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