Round the Central America

September 25, 2015 I leave to travel around Central America.

After the last 300-day journey I couldn’t face the idea of staying put any longer than the summer, so I did a quick recharge and restocking of the funds and now I’m ready to head out again. Last time I had an itinerary and pillars that I structured my trip around. This time I’m whinging it. I want to see the Central America that I’ve heard so many wonderful things about from others, so I’m hoping to pick my destinations almost exclusively by people’s recommendations.

I have a 6 month window until I have to be back in San Francisco on March 25, 2016. I know I’m starting in Mexico City and then moving south. If I move fast enough I’ll end in Colombia, a country that I quickly fell in love with on my last trip. If I end up stuck in Mexico then so be it. Ultimate flexibility is the goal this time. Stay tuned to see how far I go.

So this page doesn’t have an itinerary to check out or map to post, but it will have drop-down menus for the planning process (although much less extensive this time) and for the countries I visit. And if you have any recommendations, send them my way!


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