I’m Here!

I’ve checked into my hostel in Sao Paulo and now I feel like I’m traveling. There are tons of Brits here, plus an American and Australian so far. They’re all on multi-month journeys too; most are around 6 months into their trips already and are excited for me when I say this is my first stop. I feel like the newbie.

The hostel – Viva Design Hostel – is awesome. It’s new, it’s got an amazing common area, and the receptionist is so friendly and helpful he made me feel like I’ve already been here for weeks. People have said this is one of the best hostels they’ve stayed in and I can see why already. I think I may have spoiled myself too early.

This afternoon I walked around the neighborhood I’m staying in, Vila Madalena. It’s supposedly the “bohemian” neighborhood. From what I can tell, that means it has a lot of bars and restaurants. They all have outdoor seating that is so tempting; I wanted to go into every place I passed. It also feels a lot like San Francisco with its hills and street art. I’m excited to go down to the “party street” this evening to watch the USA vs Portugal game. From my hostelmates, it sounds like a fun area.

Stairs in Vila Madalena

Stairs in Vila Madalena

For some reason, whenever I’m around a foreign language I default to German. I keep finding myself saying “Ja” for yes and thinking about questions or words in German. That doesn’t work any better than English here. Even Spanish hasn’t been helpful. So hopefully I’ll get better at some Portuguese words soon so I don’t feel quite as lost. I have a cheat sheet written on my arm for the basics. How touristy of me.